在布拉格夺冠 Became Champion at Prague

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江南水乡周庄 Zhouzhuang

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京西历史文化名村之水峪村 Shuiyu Village

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圣路易斯拱门 St. Louis Gateway Arch

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美国画岩国家公园 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

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参观华盛顿大学校园 Visited Washington University Campus

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浅探世界最长洞穴: 猛犸洞 Mammoth Cave

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在龙门涧徒步 Hiking in Longmenjian Valley

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2019年北京世界园艺博览会 Expo 2019 Beijing

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参观费城自由钟和议会厅 Philadelphia Liberty Bell

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奔袭千里只为看一条船 Drove Thousands Miles to See a Ship

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在纽约参观美国航空母舰和航天飞机 Visited USS Intrepid and Space Shuttle Enterprise

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父亲节观日偏食 Observed Partial Solar Eclipse On Father’s Day

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参观了世界上现存最古老的钢铁战船 Visited the Oldest Steel Warship Afloat in the World

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参观战争古迹和美国国歌诞生地: 麦克亨利堡 Fort McHenry

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