疫情中的香山老年公寓和大兴心康医院 Fragrant Hills Senior Apartment and Daxing Psychiatric Hospital during the Outbreaks



Granny N, one of the family's elders, who likes to be independent has been living in Fragrant Hills Senior Apartment. Adjacent to Fragrant Hills Park and Botanical Garden, the apartment has fresh air and pleasant scenery, and it is a four-star senior living community with various amenities and medical care. It is about an hour's drive from the center of Beijing. 


We were going to pay a New Year’s visit to Granny N during Spring Festival. However, we were told that the Senior Apartment was implementing closed-off management due to the epidemic, no one could come in the community including family member and couriers. Granny N told us via phone that she was doing well and nothing extra needed; the three meals per day was sent to her room instead of going to the dining hall. We felt that it’s good protection for the elderly as virus was highly contagious and more harmful to them.


During the outbreak, we kept on contacting with Granny N by WeChat. The outbreak improved a lot in early April. Most people were going out to work and couriers were already able to get in and out of the communities. But the Senior Apartment remained closed-off management. Granny N said they were doing well and not bored at all. The apartment worker comes every day to open the window for ventilation. She can also walk around in the community and join some activities. 


Two and a half months past since the second wave of outbreaks controlled in mid-July in Beijing, there were no new local cases, and the outbreak was under control for a longer period of time throughout the country. The authorities had issued guidelines on epidemic prevention before October holiday and encouraged folks to go out for promoting economic recovery. Granny N didn’t want to bother us to visit her although the situation was getting better. We drove to Fragrant Hills Senior Apartment and had a “surprise” visit on September 28.


The staff told us that the Apartment was not opened to the public yet. With an appointment, family members could go to a far entrance for meeting the residents.We didn't have an appointment, the staff said we could ask Granny N to go out to meet, but we could only stand outside the big iron fence gate, and Granny N could only stand (or sit) inside the door 5 meters away, behind a red rope. This protection measure is in accordance with the provisions of the implementation (it seems that we are not the first batch of the "surprise" visitors). Contacted Granny N, she said she would come out immediately. While waiting, a courier delivered some packages, all of which were placed outside the gate. The staff sprayed them with a spray pot (with disinfectant) through the fence. They told us that the package would be taken to the guarder room after a while, where they were disinfected again. And in a few hours, these packages would be delivered to the elderly here separately.  


Granny G finally appeared, nearly one year no see, we were very excited and happy! She looked good. We all spoke standing outside, mainly Granny G introduced her life here during the outbreaks, like recently there were more fun activities in the community, meals had been good...She said that for carrying out the closed-off management, in the first few months of the outbreaks, staff here could not go back home and had to stay in the community. In order to protect the safety of the elderly, they could not take care of their own families at that time. When the epidemic was under control, elderly people could apply to go out, but when they returned, they had to be quarantined for 14 days. Nobody liked the bored quarantined life, the residents here did not go out unless a tour was a must. If someone needed to go the hospital, the staff would arrange the transportation. The elderly who went to the hospital would be quarantined for 14 days after returning.    


The reason granny G didn’t let us to visit her by an appointment was that she didn’t want trouble anyone especially the epidemic was still on. Besides, the procedure of meeting indoor during that period was kind of complicated. Therefore, it was good to see her by a “surprise” visit although both sides could only stand outside with an interval of 5 meters. It was not clear but a warm day on September 28. Granny N insisted to talk with us standing up although we talked around 20 minutes already. She looked very happy and not tired at all. Coincidentally, there were more “surprise” visitors coming to see her. We left then.  


In each important festival, my father always visits one of his old friends, who has a family genetic mental illness, living at Daxing Psychiatric Hospital. My father called the hospital for making an appointment during this Spring Festival. He was told that the hospital already implemented closed-off management because of the epidemic. The doctor arranged his friend to pick up the phone call. His friend didn’t understand why my father couldn’t visit him, but he remembered his favorited traditional snack. My father delivered the snack to the doctor. After the package disinfected, the snack was passed on to him. The hospital continues the closed-off management during October holiday. My father delivered his favorited snack plus several pieces of moon cake to him. Hope he remembered the Middle-Autumn Festival.    


Browsed online and knew that The Epidemic Prevention and Control Guidance for Elderly Institution was issued by General Office of Ministry of Civil Affairs. It has been updated along with the status change of the COVID-19 epidemic. Apart from instructing how to prevent and control the outbreaks, the authority also published how to compensate Elderly Institution during the epidemic in details. Moreover, the guidance included how to arrange and take care of the elderly of the medical workers who went and fought at the front line of the outbreaks. Epidemic prevention is really a battle, put life at the first, race against time, try best to consider each aspect, and constantly improve the strategy, I hope that as human beings, together, we can win this COVID-19 battle soon!  


香山老年公寓大门外,快递的包裹先被喷洒消毒  (The gate of Fragrant Hills Senior Apartment; The packeages put outside the gate and disinfected firstly)

无预约,只能隔着栅栏门对话,公寓内老年居住者站在院内红线后 (Without an appointment, we could only talk with Granny N with an interval of around 5 meters)  

提示老年人不要越过红线与家人朋友离得太近通话  (Reminder: pls do not cross the red rope to talk during the pandemic)

快递包裹在大门外喷洒消毒后,拿到指定区域再次消毒 (All packaged disinfected outside the gate will be disinfected again carefully in the guard room)

穿蓝色上衣的工作人员帮助递送过来老同志给我们的礼物 (The staff dressed on the blue shirt helped Granny N to pass her gifts to us)

香山老年公寓入口 (The front door of Fragrant Hills Senior Apartment)

公寓入门前院一 (Left side of the apartment's front door)

公寓入门前院二 (Right side of the apartment's front door)

相关报道和政策指南:(Reference on the pertinent news and guidance)

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